Psalter manuscript

Hey Dude (Rm 1:18-21; Jn 8:36)


This song (originally ‘Hey Jude’) was sung in the closing moments of the opening ceremony of the London Olympics 2012 by Paul McCartney himself.  Presumably because it represents a sort of anthem for the masses and perhaps a good representative of the post Christian (pop) culture that has dominated the past 50 years or so.  It was sad to watch that great spectacle (in spite of the live singing of Abide With Me) and sense the shallow & superficial message that it conveyed: ‘We have been inventive & clever & we can be kind but real excitement & pleasure is to be found in fleeting casual relationships made possible by modern ‘rave & dance’ culture, etc.

Don Carson’s analysis of postmodernism in ‘The Gagging of God’ is very helpful but Van Til’s insights are keener.  What we dearly need is a new army of Christians whose minds are fully yielded to biblical authority and who have learnt to wield the sword of God’s Spirit via the transcendental approach to apologetics.  Offense was always the best method of defence.  The image of God in those who hear the faithful Christian testifying to God’s truth hear the voice of their heavenly Father – even as prodigals in the far country – because of their actual constitution.  We who speak & preach the word of God must simply present the truth as it is set forth holistically within holy Scripture.  God is able to raise the dead & open closed eyes & ears.  May it please Him to do so more and more for His own Name sake & glory.

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