Quill and writing

Oliver Cromwell

What sad and hopeless days we live in.  How far have we slipped backwards into sin and apostasy since the time England was ruled by this fine man.  I have seen this great bronze statue of Cromwell (with Bible in one hand and sword in the other) outside the Houses of Parliament in London.  He MUST have been a great champion of the people back then.  His speech at the opening of the Little Parliament (14th July 1653) includes a reference to many expressions of appreciation from Churches up and down the land: ‘we have very many Papers from the Churches of Christ throughout the Nation wonderfully both approving what hath been done in removing of obstacles, and approving what we have done.’

It is apparent also in this same speech and several others that Cromwell (like the great majority of Calvinistic puritans of his day) supposed that he was living on the brink of a BRIGHT NEW ERA in Church history – namely the anticipation of Christ fully and finally vanquishing all His foes, ushering in an extensive period of wold-wide blessing and gospel prosperity.  [See Francis Nigel Lee’s ‘Eschatology of Victory’ for the fullest & clearest exposition of all of this].  Why? Because the Bible plainly anticipates just such a momentous victory (see Rev 11:15); this is precisely what is to be prayed for & hoped for in the 3rd and 4th petition of the Lord’s Prayer (‘Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth…’)

It’s very clear from just a casual reading of ANY of Cromwell’s speeches here or any of his letters here that he was a warm-hearted, Bible minded, Spirit filled Christian leader with great wisdom, insight, vision and courage.  It is as likewise as plain as day that he cared especially for the reformation of all England and not merely her religion.  He wanted a ‘broad’ protestantism to be the ruling principle governing ALL national affairs.  He wanted a godly parliament, godly soldiers, godly church-leaders and a godly magistrate.  In all of this he shows himself to be a thorough going THEONOMIST – i.e. one who seeks to elevate God’s Law above every other law, making even the King himself subservient to it.  Sadly, today there are few, even among those who profess presbyterianism, who embrace similar principles.  Christian Reconstructionists, however, faithfully seeks to restore ALL THINGS under God’s righteous Law.  Read Cromwell’s letters and speeches for yourself.  Capture his vision for England.  Pray and trust God for better days again!