Quill and writing

If the foundations are destroyed… (Psalm 11:3)

I have just read this brilliant article by Augusto Zimmermann.  In it he traces briefly the history of the influence of God’s Law in western civilisation over two millenia.  It is scholarly and most insightful.  Would that our contemporary church leadership would wake up to the dangers confronting us in the cultural air we breathe.  Ah, alas, modern evangelical Christians are too often spineless jelly fish who care more about PA systems, funky worship & being cool so as to make the Christianity they peddle as attractive as possible to their rebel peers.

Of course there’s a place for good music.  That’s partly what I want to promote!  But how do we define ‘good’?  What constitutes true goodness, beauty and justice etc?  Such talk is meaningless without the existence of an absolute moral standard.  That standard is God’s Law.  We ignore its existence at our peril.  May God raise up a new generation of saints who, armed with the principles of Knox, Rutherford & Cromwell might lead us to new victories in Christ.

By the way, you can watch & listen to Augusto Zimmermann (why do I so like that name?!) here and here.