Psalter manuscript

To the Church in Ephesus (Revelation 2a)


Tune = In the bleak mid winter

Do you see the Master bearing in His hand
Seven stars, as angels waiting His command?
Noble is their calling, urgent His decree –
They are to illumine everything we see.

He who sees your labour and the trials you bear
Knows that you, in judging evil, have been fair.
Vicious wolves are seeking to the sheep confound
We must be discerning lest we yield them ground.

Weary saint and soldier though you persevere
Could it be that Jesus never more draws near?
Satisfied with ‘duties’, have you turned aside
From the One who called you to in Christ abide?

Can you not remember how you used to be:
Willing to surrender, grateful to be free;
Christ at any moment threatens to remove
Those who by their actions contradict their love.

Steve Layfield

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