Psalter manuscript

Are You Blinded in Your Mind? (Rev 14:6-13)


Are you blinded in your mind? Are you biding time?
Have you heeded Jesus’ call?
Have you braced yourself for when solemn skies be rent
And the fires from Heaven fall?
Does the song that you daily sing
Pay tribute to the cosmic King?
Do you know that He, is the great Creator
Of infinity and every living thing!

Are you drinking up the wine?  Are you feeling fine;
Unaware what’s goin’ on?
Are you sleepin’ as you ride on the harlot bride
In the streets of Babylon?
Where you stand there on the brink
Can you say if you stop and think
That you’ll bear the cup with its strength filled up
That He’ll give to you and force your tongue to drink?

Are you mesmerised by priests of the wayward beast
Are you party to his game?
Are you captive to his ways and the things he says?
Are you branded with his name?
I can smell that sulphur burn
For those who hide and refuse to turn;
Their smoke will rise to the starry skies
When they lament their stubbornness to learn!

But the saints of Christ will rest, being richly blessed
For their heart’s obedience,
Who uphold God’s holy Law and nothing more
As their soul’s expedience;
Such who end their pilgrim race
Shall at last behold Christ’s face
Then all they’ve done will follow on
Into the court and kingdom of God’s Son!

Steve Layfield –

This song is dedicated to Robbie Burns of Cardiff whose friendship & encouragement have meant a great deal to both me and all my family.  Sorry I couldn’t be at your baptism Robbie.  May the Lord richly bless you.  May your various gifts, especially your music & singing, be increasingly consecrated to Christ’s service.  May it please the Lord to use you in the advancement of His kingdom in this world.  Looking forwards to seeing you over Christmas (2012)!

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