Psalter manuscript

The Fall of Babylon (Revelation 18)


Tune – torches, torches (John Joubert)

Fallen, fallen, Babylon is fallen
Flames of indignation will quench her cries
Shameful pretence shall succumb to silence
From the depths of Hell never to arise.

Crushed and broken, Babylon is fallen
Kings of all the nations will weep and wail
Wines of passion, furnishing her fashion
Nevermore beguiling will there prevail.

Fallen, fallen, Babylon is fallen
Worthless are the trophies of her expense;
God, our Maker, very soon will break her
Dark will be the hour of her recompense.

Fallen, fallen, she will be forsaken
Babylon the harlot will be no more;
Earthly leaders who for her mislead us
Never more shall wield their satanic power;
[Persecution of the bride & bridegroom
Shall give way to freedom in that blessed hour!]

Steve Layfield –

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