Psalter manuscript

The Millennium (Revelation 20a)


This text will be replaced

Do you know the angel who’s from heaven?
Has He soothed your heart and dried your tears?
Having conquered death and slain the dragon
He will reign on earth for a thousand years!

Have you undertaken His high calling?
Are you beaten down and paralysed by fears?
With the martyred saints your high commission
Is to rule with Christ for a thousand years!

Have you tasted in your soul resurrection?
Will you know His voice when He appears?
Will He say, ‘Depart from me I never knew you’,
When He banishes the beast for a thousand years?

Are you waiting for the hurricane season,
Praying that the homeward vista clears?
God then, after Satan has been defeated,
Will extend His reign for a thousand years!

Are you fearful as you see dark clouds arising?
Does it seem that no one sees or hears?
Deliverance is just round the corner
Signalling the close of a thousand years!

Steve Layfield –

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