Psalter manuscript

The Creation (Genesis 1)


Mankind denies what’s plain to see before his eyes, preferring confusion!
With thoughts perverse he thinks the universe conforms to all of his delusion
Autonomy illuminates the thrust of his astronomy till illusions
Fill up his mind confirming in his arrogance he’s too blind to see!

But God said, ‘Let there be light apart from the darkness’,
[And it was so!]
‘Let there be seas beneath skies abundant with waters’,
[And it was so!]
‘Let goodness abound;
Let fruit multiply from the ground;
Let the flowers and trees be replenished with seeds
While spectacular lights evermore in the night earth surround!’

‘How can the days be days just like the Scripture plainly says?’ ask the preachers;
Their every working week confirms they speak to us as double-minded teachers
The Sabbath we delight in presupposes we are fickle-minded creatures
That need to be reminded we are bounded deep in covenant to God!

Mere time and chance supply the impulse of the dance we yield to in rebellion
Our learned institutions fornicate with obfuscation and opinion
Till blithely we refuse to think and mildly each succumb to their dominion
Bequeathing to the children of each future generation quite a lie!

When will we learn no fact is brute and spurn the sweet forbidden fruit of infidels?
The ‘science’ they insist is truth is spin served up to youth in godless citadels;
The lenses they insist we wear distort the light and ruin these our spectacles,
Then since we’re beat and face defeat we seek to keep the peace and walk away!

Steve Layfield –

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