Psalter manuscript

The Way of Wisdom (Proverbs 9:1-12)


There’s a sumptuous feast awaiting all who feel
They need help in finding out the way to go
Who before they set their stride
Deal a death-blow to their pride
By confessing that their hearts and minds are cold!

Can you hear the voice of wisdom calling out?
She is heard by only those who are concerned
That a darkness in their mind
Renders most men deaf and blind
To the truth of God within them they have spurned!

Scoffing fools disdain the light and turn away
Their impenitence is very plain to see
It’s the fear of God alone
That will melt your heart of stone –
Holy truth embrace and you will wiser be!

Pay close heed to all the talk you entertain
Do not trust in mere opinions you have heard
There are grounds to raise a doubt
(To) what your friends say life’s about
‘Cos their outlook overlooks God’s holy word!

Steve Layfield – February 2013

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