Psalter manuscript

One Day…


This text will be replaced

One day, as the Scriptures say all that hurting is destined to heal,
One day, open wounds still bleeding shall dry with balm and congeal;
Humble hearted warriors will overwhelm the land
Heirs with Christ forever more in God’s redemptive plan;
One day as the Scriptures say every knee will tremble and bow to the Son of Man.

Someday, as the Scriptures say, sad and broken hearts will be soothed,
One day, lofty mountain peaks to the ocean floor will be moved;
Meekly minded men of war by faith will overcome,
Spirit-filled, they’ll make all nations subject to the Son;
One day, as the Scriptures say, heaven’s bride will be ready to greet her holy Groom.

One day, as the Scriptures say, Zion’s mountain will cover the earth,
As leaven hid in a loaf of bread, holy influence will go forth;
The vital seed will reveal its yield as a blade then ripened grain,
As a shallow stream slowly deeper flows in sweet refreshing rain;
One day, when the Beast, False Prophet and crafty Harlot of Hell have been restrained.

Someday, every silicon search will resound with glory for Christ,
One day, all that’s streamed through ether will ennoble sanctified eyes;
Fairy tales and false reports won’t ever more abound,
Cunning lies and dark deceit no longer will be found;
One day, when the sealed of God are revealed in a chorus of sweet, seraphic sound.

One day, as the Scriptures say, hungry lions will lie with the lambs,
One day, ancient enmity will succumb to peace in the land;
Hearts concerned for holiness in every sphere will see
Kingdom-driven renovation – Theonomy!
One day, as the Scriptures say, when the trumpets sound to announce Earth’s Jubilee.

Someday, as the Scriptures say, all that’s dark will be covered with light,
One day, evil deeds will cease, even children will love what is right;
Lawlessness will be no more and all we say and do
Will resonate with righteousness in life that’s good and true;
Someday, every creaturely thing from primordial trouble and curse will be made brand new.

Steve Layfield – March 2013

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