Quill and writing

Sam & Grandad’s Song

Last week my grandson, Sam Cardnell, and I were listening to this Anastasia song: Journey to the Past.  He’d already watched me working on a new song.  We together agreed it was a great tune & so I set about re-working it as a Christian song.  Having just finished reading through Hebrews I had been struck by the famous 11th chapter.  These words emerged over the next 48 hrs.  Then I worked on producing a simple score.  Finally, after I’d spent a happy evening sequencing a backing track using Cubase, we were finally ready to record.  The photo below shows Sam during the rehearsal of one difficult part.  I hope you like the result.  Sam is just 7 years old!  He recently asked to be baptised & happily his church family agreed that he could/should be.  May the Lord strengthen this young man & put within him a spirit of courage, wisdom and humility.  We’re very proud of you Sam, but let’s never forget who is the source of all this talent!  (see James 1:17)

You can listen to Sam’s performance here: Hebrews 11 – (Sam & Grandad).  Enjoy!