Psalter manuscript

Isaiah 29 – Ariel’s Pitiful Prospect


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Sorrow and anguish
God in His fierceness
Summons upon the city Ariel;
He will surround her,
Bruise and confound her
Laying up siege against her city walls.
Words in whispers, from dust and ashes,
Rise from her carcass strewn on the ground
Struck in an instant by storm and tempest
Fiery flames will sear her crown!

Drunken she wanders
Blind to grave dangers
Deeply asleep within her temple courts;
Saintly she seems while
Secretly scheming
Making mere man the ground of all her thoughts;
Shall the creature of its Creator
Question His motive bounded in time?
Skilfully crafted, may earthen vessels
Construe the Lord’s decree a crime?

City of David
Won’t be persuaded
Over the years to heed the tolling bell;
Sealed up in silence
Dreading God’s violence,
Bitter the end of ancient Ariel!

Steve Layfield – July 2013 ©

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