Psalter manuscript

1Samuel 2 – Hannah’s Prayer


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Tune: Every Grain of Sand – Bob Dylan 1981

My heart in Christ rejoices; my horn in Him is raised
Before the presence of my foes, His saving power I’ll praise.
He alone is truly holy; loving kindness marks His face
As a rock within the wilderness my refuge is His grace;
I’ve shunned the inclination to make pride the torch of these eyes,
Nor sought to cultivate with friends an air of being too wise;
For the Lord God is my wisdom, His Law I have displayed
By which the sundry works of man alone are truly weighed.

All the bows of men lie broken, cruel schemes He overturns
The meek He raises from the grave; Goliath’s strength He spurns;
Longing tongues will cease from hunger, barren wives will bear again
For the Lord, in resurrection power, on high is triumphantly risen!
The poor shall be exalted from an ash-heap cave underground,
As heirs and princes of the King for glory they are now bound!
Every pillar and foundation of the world will by decree,
For the holy ones, God’s noblest sons, be where they must be.

Every footstep is surrounded by unseen angel wings,
We’re abundantly provided for in our calling to be kings;
But the wicked shall in darkness condemned to silence be
For the strength of man they’ve trusted in seals their captivity;
Rebel hosts who’ve serviced Satan shall be crushed beneath Christ’s feet
Loud thunder peals around His heels confront them violently,
But the horn of His anointed, as the ancients prophesied,
Will in God’s own time by every tribe and tongue be magnified!

Steve Layfield – July 2013 ©

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