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2Corinthians 6:1-10 > Royal Heirs of Everything


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We, as heirs and servants of the King of kings
Set before your face this plea:
‘Now’s the time to cease from your faltering
And receive God’s grace most free’;
As the ancient seer in terms most clear
Foretold and prophesied,
‘All the world must for the cause of Christ
Where they stand today decide!’

Wherefore we strive with due diligence
To labour without blame;
Knowing all too well that our innocence
They’ll report in shades of shame.
Bearing grievous need, distress, fatigue
And burdens patiently,
Subject to trials and imprisonments
We’re condemned, most wrongfully!

By the Holy Spirit’s power in our darkest hour
Bearing armour on the left and on the right
We will wield God’s word, then in deed and word
Manifest redemption’s light!

O Lord, Your saints please vindicate
Who confront impiety;
May they walk with honour, keep their footsteps straight,
Clothe them in humility.
In the throes of death with bated breath
Let us hear the song they sing;
Possessing nothing they enrich this world,
Royal heirs of everything!

Steve Layfield – September 2013 ©

This song arose out of the very visible anxiety & (understandable) concern expressed by Anna Martin (our Minister’s wife) at the prospect of saying farewell to her sister & brother-in-law serving as missionaries in a most hardened and godless country overseas.  It is my humble prayer that we all might, with Anna, be sustained in our prayers for them in the spirit of St Paul as he expresses himself in this beautiful NT refrain grounded in Ps 49.  [Tune is ‘Is Your Love In Vain?’ – Bob Dylan]

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