Quill and writing

Joe Boot

Joe Boot is someone worth watching.  In this you-tube video he takes on Dan Barker, one of the New Atheists ‘leading lights’.  Joe demonstrates the compelling power of Van Til’s presuppositional apologetic procedure.  He understands Van Til’s TAG argument and is evidently very familiar with Greg Bahnsen’s excellent practical demonstrations of how it works in ‘hand to hand combat’.  I thought Joe acquitted himself terrifically and seemed non-flustered throughout.  This is remarkable given the fact that he had arrived late after crashing his car!

May the Lord raise up other young people willing to marshal Van Til’s presuppositional apologetic procedure in future months and years.  May it please the Lord to soften the hard hearts of those who contradict Van Til’s thesis & especially those ‘reformed’ Christians who think they know better than God & prefer to adopt other (autonomous) methods of taking on God-hating covenant breakers.  Bravo Joe boot.  May the Lord strengthen your arm, bless & extend your ministry & influence!


Rev Joe Boot                                                Dan Barker