Psalter manuscript

Ephesians 6:1-3 > God’s Wisdom for Children


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If Mum or Dad
Confront you when you’re bad
Don’t think they’re gruff or just in a huff;
The Lord above
Has said at times true love is to be tough;
The rod they wield
Will teach your stony heart to wholly yield
To the Law of God!
In due time you’ll see
That they were kind
And mindful of your good
Caring as they should
Praying for your good!

Be sure to trace
The source of your disgrace
To sin and pride stirring deep inside;
Confess your sin
And foolishness to Him you have defied!
The fiercest storms He has decreed to be
The means of guiding you safely home.
In your later years
Your prayers and tears
Will keep you in God’s hand,
Following His plan
Honoured in His land!

Steve Layfield – July 2014

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