Psalter manuscript

Ephesians 4:4-16 > Harmony in Christ


Does the grace of God abide inside your soul
Are you how you ought to be?
Do you yearn for harmony throughout the whole
Of His family?
There is just one holy creed
For we believe one God on high;
His calling is to unity
By the power of the Spirit He supplies.

We are summoned to be one in Christ the Son
Till we reach maturity;
Metaphysically a corporate union
Evermore we are to be.
Let none God’s truth despise,
For just one hope we recognise;
The solemn goal of His own call:
That God be all in all in all men’s eyes!

Never more as fickle children must we be
Sabotaged by cunning lies;
Heresies that us divide help us discern,
Turn from and cast aside.
As a boat in jeopardy
Tossed about on troubled sea
Direct us home through hail and storm
To the harbour of Mount Zion’s sanctuary!

Are you standing with the mighty saints of old,
Do you honour them indeed?
Have you heeded ancient wisdom from above?
Do you test the things you read?
Do you treat the words they wrote
Like treasures rare? Like gathered gold?
Are their books the things you love?
Or have you ruinously given them no heed?

Steve Layfield – August 2014

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