Psalter manuscript

Ecclesiastes 1- Vanity of Vanities


Vanity of vanities,
Vanity of vanities,
What do we gain
From labour, toil and pain
If everything’s essentially the same!

Dreariness attends my days,
Weariness pursues my ways,
Both ear and eye
This world can’t satisfy,
There’s nothing new to tempt my heart try!

The former things of earth will long forgotten be
These fleeting lives we live will carry on
Each day’s horizon shares a common destiny –
There’s nothing wholly new under the sun!

Crooked multitudes I see
Never straightened will they be;
The Fall of man
Has every earthly plan
Established firmly on the sinking sand.

This quest I sought to comprehend:
“What is man’s purpose, goal and end?”
Behold I found,
As I surveyed the ground,
My search had been mere striving after wind!

For with the wisdom that my heart had freely gained
Displeasure and vexation filled my soul
Deep sorrows poisoned every lesson I had learned
The knowledge I acquired was icy cold.

Steve Layfield – August 2014

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