Psalter manuscript

John 15:1-15 > Branches in the True Vine


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I am the vine
So to cultivate wine
Grow in me and patiently wait
Fruitless old branches
My hand shall remove
While pruning the fruitful in love!

If you abide
In my word I’ll provide
All you ask from My bounty on high;
Held by My hand
If you keep My commands
The Father will be glorified!

Heed what I tell you
Hold by My side
You can do nothing
‘Less in Me you abide!

Joyful indeed
Shall you be if you heed
What I say with all of your heart
Love one another
As I have loved you
You’ll be My friends if you do

All I command you
All I’ve made known
All from the Father
To you I’ve shown!

If from the world
Vicious insults you’re hurled
Be assured it’s Me they despise!
Dried for the fire
By a Sovereign’s desire
They’ll oppose every fact you revise!

O how they hate Me,
You they will too!
Watch for them cursing
All that you do!

Steve Layfield – Copyright November 2014

Tune = Stewart & Kyle: ‘Fisherman’

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