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Two Little Boys (Alfie & Noah Merton)


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Alfie & Noah

Welcome Noah & Alfie Merton, my 7th & 8th grandchildren, born Easter Sunday morning weighing in at 6lb 13Oz & 7lb  4Oz respectively.  By the time they’re 2 yrs old I hope to be able to tell them apart!!

Atheists scornfully reproach Christians for believing in ‘special creation’ but cannot begin to explain the ‘miracle’ of development & reproduction which takes place unseen beneath a mother’s skin.  The Scriptures declare, and we humbly agree, ‘we are fearfully and wonderfully made’ (Ps 139:14).

I pay tribute to Almighty God for His bountiful kindness & love to our wider family.  Not only have we two new adorable grandsons, He supplied us providentially with a new(ish) Kia Carens mpv with 7 seats to transport them around.  Truly the Scriptures abound with truth wherein we read, ‘The blessing of the Lord… maketh rich, and He addeth no sorrow with it.’ (Ps 10:22)

To celebrate this happy occasion, I redeemed the quaint old song made famous by the now disgraced Rolf Harris – Two Little Boys (1969) – crafting my own words (see below).  Hope you like!

Two little boys with laughter and noise
Filled up their childhood days
Daily, through prayer and parent care,
Each of them learned God’s ways….

Over the years, midst wonder and tears,
Heeding the Word inspired,
Alfie perceived and Noah believed,
Wherefore they each inquired:

Do you think that we’ll both be soldiers
When finally we’re full grown,
Maybe one day, if now we pray,
We’ll be warriors for Christ alone!
Let us yield up our lives to Jesus,
May His kingdom be all our care;
Let us humbly resolve to serve Him
And plead with Him in prayer!

Seasons past, no time was lost
Feasting upon God’s truth,
Boldly both boys abandoned toys
With the idols of fleeting youth;

Hence, by surprise God opened their eyes –
Wondrous the glimpse they gained
Heeding the call: ‘Christ over all!’
Noah with Alfie true faith proclaimed:

“Let us fight the good fight as soldiers
May the seed of God’s truth be sown;
Maybe we’ll see dark shadows flee
As God’s glorious kingdom’s grown!
Let us stand up for gospel righteousness
May God’s precepts be all our ‘joys’
For remember the pledge we made Him
When we were two little boys!”

Steve Layfield

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