Quill and writing

Cultural Redemption? Yes!

Here’s a most engaging exchange between 3 stalwart Christians, each formidable exponents of the reformed faith in their generation.  They succinctly put their fingers on what’s so wrong & lacking in the contemporary evangelical scene whilst proving a suitable antidote.  Nothing extreme here except perhaps their exuberance for the Bible & in particular, the Bible’s own antidote to all our ills.  Joe Boot (see his credentials here) impressed me greatly when I heard him debate public a front-line atheist.  Of course he’s an expert in Van Til’s apologetic procedure.  Everything he says is charged with Van Til’s distinctively reformed perspective.

Well done Jeff Durbin for promoting God’s kingdom through posts such as these which helpfully publish the key ideas, principles and goals of theonomic postmilennialism among those who have ears to hear.  These gentlemen and their plucky spirits very much remind me of Jonathan and his armor-bearer invading the camp of the philistines in 1Samuel 14.  May the Lord bless them abundantly and raise up other similarly minded ‘ninjas’ who have the courage to ‘run to the battle’.