Psalter manuscript

Hosea 14 – O Israel, Return!


O Israel, return unto the Lord
Cease from stumbling in deep darkness;
And be contrite, by taking up these words,
Recognising foolish blindness:
“From us remove unholy ways,
Restore us graciously, we pray;
And from these lips, now clean, receive today
As a gift, true praise and gladness!”

Shall we be saved by the Assyrian?
Let us trust no more in horses!
Let not our hearts put any confidence
In the might of human forces!
Such feeble gods, made by these hands,
Can neither comfort nor us keep;
Maintain our course in all that God commands
As a Father full of kindness!

The Lord, His wrath shall surely turn aside
More abundantly He’ll bless us;
As morning dew, His favour He’ll revive
Like the lily, He will dress us!
Vine, root and branch, in strength shall grow
With fragrance, holy from on high
And be renewed, like sweet refreshing wine,
On the mountain-heights of Sinai!

Ephraim at last, in haste shall turn away,
From dumb idols borne of madness.
He then shall say, “Let now my life display
Pleasant fruits of gospel goodness!”
Let prudent minds these things survey;
The works and ways of God are right.
Such hands and feet, in Christ, shall never stray
Into paths of sinful sadness!

Steve Layfield – December 2015

Tune = O Church arise [Keith & Krystine Getty]

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