Psalter manuscript

Catechism Song #15 – Sin, Death & Regeneration


# Question Answer
37 What does every sin deserve? The wrath and curse of God.
38 Can anyone go to heaven with this sinful nature? No; our hearts must be changed before we can be fit for heaven.
39 What is a change of heart called? Regeneration.
40 Who can change a sinner’s heart? The Holy Spirit alone.


What does every sin
Deserve as payment from our King?
God’s holy wrath and curse,
Or maybe something even worse!

Is there a way to be
Made fit to spend eternity
With the angelic host?
Yes, by the blessed Holy Ghost!

What change does He impart?
Regeneration of my heart
Must it be made brand new?
Yes, every impulse through and through!

Steve Layfield

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