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Rushdoony – From the Horse’s Mouth!

It’s several years since I located & listened to these lectures from Dr RJ Rushdoony.  They represent just a selection of audio files from a vast collection of material hosted at Chalcedon.edu. [A Faith for ALL of Life].  What struck me, listening to these messages was the humble, gentle, erudition of the man.  Not at all what I had imagined on account of the demonisation of the Reconstruction Movement I’d encountered from my reformed friends.  I thank God for giving me the courage to press on, in spite of the vitriol & sneers of fellow believers, & listen for myself first-hand to Rushdoony himself testifying to the grace of God in his own life, the power & sovereignty of God in providence & history &, of course, the great prospect of victory & success of Christ in future days in establishing His kingdom here in this world.

Christian Reconstruction is about just that: reconstructing the world & whole civilisations according to the Creator’s blue-print for living, namely His Laws & His commandments.  Simply put, true liberty consists of life lived according to God’s own instruction manual whence His rich blessing shall accompany His covenant-keeping people from every nation under heaven!

Tyranny results in any society that spurns His reign & rule & seeks to enthrone man as his own ‘lord & saviour’.  Humanism is the result in all its many-faceted manifestations: communism, fascism, existentialism, nihilism, atheism, idolatry, pragmatism, multiculturalism, etc, etc.

An alternative designation then for Christian Reconstruction is ‘Theonomy’.  This simply means God’s Law shall govern us; God’s Law shall be the universal absolute standard of right & wrong, the basis for equitable & ethical penal sanction within the civil realm and the basis for honourable human social institutions.

In simple, broad-brush terms, such authentic, FULL-ORBED Christianity, which duly respects the WHOLE counsel of God in Old Testament as well as New Testament….

  • recognises that God is our Creator – we’re not bi-pedal organisms that have evolved by natural processes from primordial matter
  • recognises the voice of God in conscience & His signature indelibly, yet invisibly, inscribed on every aspect of the created order
  • comprehends the inherent glory & worth of human beings, made in the image of their Maker
  • acknowledges the cultural mandate to build civilisation across the globe in obedience to the dominion mandate of Genesis 1:28
  • recognises the historicity of the FALL in Eden & its significance TODAY for all of us as the offspring of Adam & Eve
  • honours God as sovereign ruler & orderer of all of history
  • acknowledges the terms of God’s gracious covenant in His dealings with His creatures with its two-fold outward signs: (i) circumcision in OT (ii) baptism in NT
  • provided full atonement freely & electively in & through the death & resurrection of Jesus Christ
  • supplies the necessary grace & power for fallen but redeemed saints to live according to God’s holy Law
  • commands ALL men now to repent in anticipation of the world-wide conquest of Christ IN TIME before Christ returns in victory.  (1Cor 15:25,26)


Note: such is the character of historic, orthodox biblical faith as preached & practiced by faithful saints down through 2 millennia & as summarised in most main-line creeds & confessions.  See ‘Theonomy Blogspot’ here for a more far-reaching justification for this assertion!


      1. atonement-or-society-of-satan


      2. a-new-christian-order


      3. biblical-criminal-law


      4. christian-social-ethics


      5. church-militant


      6. collapse-of-humanism


      7. community-family


      8. confrontation


      9. conversion


      10. death-restitution


      11. death-of-old-humanistic-order


      12. every-word-of-lcd


      13. family-power


      14. full-orbed-mission


      15. government-under-god


      16. grace-community


      17. intellectual-schizophrenia


      18. kingdom-of-god


      19. law-and-life-1


      20. law-and-life-2


      21. liberty-law


      22. liberty-property


      23. lordship


      24. meaning-of-sacrilege


      25. medievil-thought


      26. messianic-character-of-american-education


      27. power-its-meaning


      28. politics-through-predestination


      29. presuppositional-apologetics


      30. reconstruction-1


      31. reconstruction-2


      32. reconstruction-3


      33. resistance-victory


      34. reconstruction-4


      35. sabbath-questions


      36. sin-and-perfection


      37. socialism-in-american-education


      38. taxation


      39. the-new-morality


      40. the-one-and-the-many


      41. tithing


      42. total-depravity