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Jeremiah 2 > Reality Check


In the kindness of your youth,
With the promise of your love,
My Way you sought as you daily walked
Throughout the wilderness;
In barren lands forlorn
Where seeds were never sown
The Lord’s increase marked heaven’s peace
With vibrant holiness.

Alas we’ve turned aside
In wilfulness and pride,
Our rebel hands have empty idols styled;
Though God has plainly blessed
His Land of sacred rest,
By unseen sin and crime it is defiled;
Wherefore a lawsuit clamours from the Lord
Against us and the children we’ve brought forth;
Two evils we have done – right here beneath the sun:
– Disdained the living water and its source.

Why did we welcome change?
Why did we not remain?
The Glory of God’s kingdom we despised;
Behold our priestly crown
Lies broken on the ground –
For in our hearts deep falsehoods we devised;
To Egypt and Assyria we’re drawn,
Their harlotries we neither shun nor scorn,
God’s precepts we ignore, preferring pagan law
We are a wretched prodigal Firstborn.

Our prophets, priests & kings
Have done this evil thing:
– They’ve turned their backs to God and not their face;
Much trouble we have known
For what their hands have sown,
Their fabricated gods are our disgrace!
Alas we do not heed corrective words,
Believing we are wise, discerning lords;
Our innocence we plea, while shunning God’s decree
Wherefore by all we find ourselves abhorred.

AMDG – October 2017

NB.  Opening verse is sung to the tune: ‘This is my Father’s World’.  Subsequent verses are in Bm/D maj.

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