Psalter manuscript

Jeremiah 3 > Must God be Merciful?


If a woman turned a harlot
Later recognised her sin
Should her husband afterwards be reconciled?
For the church of Christ has welcomed
Foreign deities within
Having spurned God’s Law and from it turned aside;
Must God be merciful and kind?
“Yet, turn to Me,” He says, “cease being treacherous and blind!”

In the days of king Josiah
They who lived in Israel
Would not cleave unto the precepts of the Lord;
They who witnessed it in Judah
When God’s solemn sentence fell
Neither too their ways of treachery abhorred!
Alas, their lips poured forth pretence,
Their stony hearts refused to yield in godly penitence.

Yet return and truly follow on
Zion’s height is where your feet belong
I will give to you true shepherds
Who are loyal to My throne
And make a highway to a New Jerusalem

Never more shall they then follow
The impulses of their hearts
Never more shall they invoke the Ark of God
Calling God above, ‘My Father’
They will make a better start
As they learn to walk the path that Jesus trod;
No more devoured by bitter shame
No more the cause of much reproach to Jesus’ holy Name

Yes, return and truly follow on
Zion’s height is where our feet belong
Give us, Lord, authentic shepherds
Who are loyal to Your throne;
Lead us onwards to the New Jerusalem


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