Psalter manuscript

Jeremiah 6 – High Treason to Heaven!


Assemble together you children of men,
Flee from your refuge in Jerusalem,
Sound forth the trumpet in Beth Haccarem –
Her disaster is certainly looming;
The daughter of Zion is destined for war
For her high treason to Heaven!

Who to these ominous words will give ear?
Uncircumcised citizens simply can’t hear;
Beware, you who think you have nothing to fear
For the shadows of evening are fading;
Oppression within you is full to the brink ,
Very plain is your high treason.

The Word of the Lord, full of radiant light,
You’ve treated with scorn and belittled with spite;
Instead of embracing God’s Law with delight
You have occupied time without learning
Healing only in part the great hurt of My Bride,
Saying “Peace, peace” to your brethren.

Are they shameful of hideous deeds they have done?
Alas, not at all – not even one!
Their faces bleached white ‘neath the rays of the sun
Are with covetous treachery stricken!
Behold, they are destined to stumble and fall
For their high treason to Heaven

Hold fast to the Way that your forbears have known ,
Attend to the trumpeted blast as it’s blown,
The Law which by Moses was faithfully sown
Has been shunned and wholly unheeded;
Don’t think that your services marked by pretence
Will atone for your high treason!

The chaff of my people is destined to burn,
Too hard are their hearts – unwilling to learn;
Chastisements divine they suppress or they spurn,
Unaccustomed to sackcloth and ashes ;
The furnace of smelting refines them in vain,
They are cursed outcasts of Canaan!


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