Psalter manuscript

Jeremiah 7 – Jeremiah’s Call to Repentance


Jeremiah brought unto the people
Solemn words of judgement from the Lord;
Warning them to look not to the temple
Nor the sacred vessels that it stored.

Why don’t they understand
What heaven’s Law demands,
But that injustice and oppression cease?
Widow and fatherless
They do not care to bless,
So set aside God’s purposes for peace!

Lying priests and prophets they rely on
To our dereliction they’re resigned;
All they do the Lord has set His eye on
Yet brashly they suppose that He is blind!

Do not raise a prayer for these My people
Do not hearken to them when they cry;
In the secret confines of their steeples
They unholy reason deify!

Slaves to crude and vain imaginations
They their Lord and Saviour do defy,
Wherefore fire and holy indignation
Shall descend upon them from the sky.

Shall we not receive divine correction?
Must the Church of Christ be cast aside?
Let us humbly sing this lamentation
Lest He all but silences His Bride!


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