Psalter manuscript

Jeremiah 18 – The Potter’s Clay


As moulding clay in a potter’s hand
Is turned and furnished with great skill,
Let earthly kingdoms understand
They each are subject to God’s will.

If before the day of recompense
Men’s wicked hearts are truly stirred,
For their remorse and penitence
The wrath of God will be deferred.

Behold you saints of all the earth
Reject all humanistic thought,
The Spirit who to you gave birth
Would teach you to live as you ought.

The virgin bride of Israel
Has left the snows of Lebanon,
Her idols yet invisible
Must altogether be foregone.

Our feet have surely turned aside,
We’re blind to foreign ways we’ve learned;
Our foolish minds and stubborn pride
Have Moses’ precepts overturned.

By an eastern wind they’ll scattered be
God’s back but not His face they’ll see
Dark times and great calamity
They’ll suffer by their enemy.

With a spiteful tongue they disdain God’s word,
They think their legacy’s secure;
God’s holy Law by them’s abhorred
Removed by Christ forever more!

From their houses let a cry be heard
When by God’s vengeance they’re subdued,
Let trouble, famine and the sword
Be unto their account accrued.

AMDG – December 2017

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