Psalter manuscript

Esther Musical: Song #1 – Let’s Party!


Mighty Ahasuerus
In the zenith of his power
Summoned to the mother of all feasts
Nobles unaware,
In the frenzied air,
God on high had set His eye
On Mordecai the Priest

Eighty and a hundred days
Were scheduled by and by
To manifest the treasures of the king;
Furnishings of gold –
Pure beauty to behold
Signified this party now
Was surely in full swing!


Let it flow, let it flow!
Drink up another goblet
Then raise your cup again
What a show, what a show!
Ahasuerus is the greatest –
A quintessential king!


Seven royal chamberlains
Who served before the king
Scurried to a call within the court
Since the noble queen
Is stunningly pristine
Let us now parade her features
– Let her here be brought!

Vashti, though a darling,
Shuddered at the thought
She was not a mannequin for ‘show’
(Her) summons she denied
And sneaked away to hide
Prompting king Ahasuerus
In great wrath his fuse to blow


What a blow, what a blow!
Can a woman be so mad?
Can a lover be so cruel?
Should she stay?  Should she go?
“Would she treat me with contempt?
Shall she take me for a fool?”

Steve Layfield

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