Quill and writing

Outline of Book of Esther

I would like, with the encouragement & help of a friend, to attempt to craft a ‘Musical of the Story of Esther’ for older children to perform.  To help comprehend the overall plot, here’s an outline of the Book:

Chapter 1
• King Ahaseurus celebrates the grandeur of his kingdom for 180 days culminating in a 7 day feast amidst the choice furnishings of his possessions
• Queen Vashti throws a separate feast for the women
• At the climax of the feast Vashti was to be ‘shown’ for she was beautiful. She refused!
• For her ‘contempt’ Vashti was banished

Chapter 2
• Youthful advisors of the king counselled him to replace Vashti with a beautiful young virgin
• Esther, niece of Mordecai answered the call!
• Supplied with cosmetics and food she was duly prepared by a favorable eunuch
• Mordecai monitored her well-being
• Esther was chosen to be the new Queen
• Mordecai uncovers a treasonous plot by two of the kings eunuchs
• Esther reported the matter to the king
• The traitors were duly hanged

Chapter 3
• Haman seemingly arbitrarily exalted by the king
• Mordecai PUBLICLY refused to pay homage to Haman on account of God’s commandments!
• Mordecai’s principled stand triggered Haman’s hatred for the Jews
• Haman’s complaint: “Jews don’t respect ‘Caesar is Lord’”
• Ham induces the king to destroy them with a bribe of 10,000 talents of silver
• Haman’s wicked decree is sanctioned by the king’s signet
• Haman and the king toast in anticipation their success, but Susa is ‘thrown into confusion’

Chapter 4
• Mordecai laments PUBLICLY at the king’s gate – fellow saints throughout the land empathise and fast, pray, etc
• Esther learns of Mordecai’s distress
• Mordecai commands Esther to humble herself and plead the king’s mercy towards her people
• Esther excuses herself on account of ‘political correctness’ (no lawfulspontaneous presentation to the king…etc)
• Mordecai stands firm… Esther’s providential favour FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS!
• Esther agrees to defy state/tradition for conscience sake

Chapter 5
• After three days of prayer and fasting, Esther boldly stands before the king
• She invites Haman and king to a feast on the morrow at which she will deliver her request
• In the meantime, Haman is eaten up with anger towards Mordecai who persists in refusing to honour Haman
• Haman’s wife and friends recommend action: ‘Advise the king to hang Mordecai’!

Chapter 6
• Sleeplessness due to conviction over the neglect of duty prompts the king to belatedly honour Mordecai
• Amazingly and paradoxically the king asks Ham to devise a suitable way of honouring a special friend of the king!!
• Haman’s jaw drops when the proposed honour falls on Mordecai – Haman is required to LEAD (Vocally) THE PROCESSION!
• Even the wise friends and wife of Haman prophesy his decline, etc
• Haman (downcast) heads to Esther’s banquet

Chapter 7
• On the second day of the feast Esther reveals Haman’s wicked scheme
• Haman begs Esther for his life
• The King hangs Haman on gallows prepared outside his own house for Mordecai!!

Chapter 8
• Mordecai is rewarded with Haman’s signet ring and inherits Haman’s house!
• Haman’s decree revoked by the king
• Mordecai composed a new edict for 127 provinces (Ethiopia to India) in the name of King Ahesuerus sealed with the king’s signet
• decree transmitted on 13th day of 12th month (Adar)
• Jews far and wide rejoiced and stood ready to rebut their enemies!
• Many confessed ‘faith in God’ as a result!

Chapter 9
• Salvation (deliverance) came in the nick of time!! There were many enemies of the Jews
• The Jews destroyed those that hated them including ten sons of Haman
• 75,000 enemies killed
• Day 14 of Adar designated by Mordecai a national holiday – Feast of Purim – i.e. God’s providential deliverance!

Chapter 10
• Mordecai is further promoted and exalted by the king