Psalter manuscript

Isaiah 32: A Reign of Righteousness


This text will be replaced

Behold, the everlasting king
A reign of righteousness will bring
That Man will keep us safe from harm –
A shelter from the storm.

As deserts greet refreshing rain,
As the shadow on a sun-bleached plain
The eyes of those who comprehend
Will not in course of time be dim

The ears of all who want to know
In that day will do so
The hopes of those who dared to dream
Will be plainly seen!

This world that’s by God’s hand been purged
Will from its wintry night shall emerge:
The miser who most generous seemed
Will stand condemned a (horrid) fiend

Iniquity by all shall be
Comprehended perfectly
The fruit of godless thought likewise
Will from its source be recognised;

The hungry yet unsatisfied
Will know the truth of those who lied
Who schemed subversion by a plan
Exalting mortal man

When love and generosity
As water courses fill the sea
Then by an unseen greater hand
A righteous man will stand!

Copyright – Steve Layfield 2014

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