Psalter manuscript

We Don’t Live by Bread Alone! – Deuteronomy 8 vs 3


We don’t live and move and breathe by bread alone,
Every thought and all activity is sacred!
We are obstinately blind with hearts of stone
Resolute, pursuing ways unconsecrated?
Every creature, every cloud displays the glory of the Lord
Everywhere God’s secret wisdom can be found
There are symphonies of holy sound most ears have never heard;
Monuments of majesty abound!

We don’t let the Word of Truth constrain our eyes,
We behold the things we see as uncreated;
Blessed light from holy Scripture we despise,
Believing we’re too wise – too educated.
Rebel creatures, we autonomy embrace within our minds
Never questioning the ground on which we stand;
Willfully our powers of reasoning are flawed else wholly blind,
Wherefore, heaven’s judgement is at hand!

We don’t view God’s holy precepts as we should
We disdain their solemn standards in a moment;
We refuse God’s right to tell us what is good
Enticed by shallow offers of enjoyment.
By a diatribe of anecdotes supplanting holy truth
We are programmed not to question what we’re taught
All the days of our probation through from infancy to youth
The equity of heaven counts for naught!

Blessed Father, we beseech You in this hour,
Are Your prophets and Your priests consigned to silence?
Must we languish here bereft of holy power –
The lives of these our children in the balance?
We acknowledge we have compromised our loyalty to Christ
His Commission treasonously is ignored;
We have suffered Caesar’s reign in every detail of our life
Awkward is the cry, ‘Jesus is Lord!’

Steve Layfield

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