Quill and writing

The T-R-U-E Church of Jesus Christ – are you part of it?

It’s never quite ready.  Perhaps there are several typos and other incidental errors in this blog-piece.  But I must publish what I’ve been wrestling with now for the past month or so.

What is the True Church of Jesus Christ?

Sadly, I have felt constrained to withdraw temporarily from the evangelical Church scene.  However, providentially I am not bereft of friendship nor fellowship.  The Lord has kindly supplied that more abundantly than I could ever have thought or imagined.  Happily, after a few difficult months, I am back to meeting most Sundays with a few faithful saints with whom we open God’s word and together worship our Creator and Redeemer – Jesus Christ.  May the Lord use what I have written here to arouse the great giant of His True Church from her slumber.  My piece is an humble exhortation for the true followers of Christ to reflect carefully and truthfully on their own present Church experiences.  Click on the link above to download it.

Steve Layfield – June 2019