Psalter manuscript



Sanctimono, when will you come to your senses?
Stop sitting on fences, appeasing the crowd;
You are a scoundrel in mortal peril of treason
Believing your reasoning
Heaven’s court will allow.

Do your eyes not yearn for the sunrise,
Your soul not thirst for the paradise
God is making by His shakin’ of this world?
Holy truth you’ve been resisting,
By the lies you’ve been enlisting,
Will at last recede much farther from your hold.

Sanctimono, why can’t you hear Jesus speaking?
Arise from your sleeping, hold fast to His Word!
Do you imagine God’s holy truth is elastic?
His precepts aren’t plastic
Nor their meaning obscure!

Does your soul not yearn for His government,
Your heart not hope in His covenant?
You know His promise is as faithful as the Moon.
What He prophesied He’s doing –
Rebel princes He’s subduing;
Heaven’s kingdom will be manifested soon!

Sanctimono, you’ve been bewitched by your feelings,
Suspend double-dealing and conquer your pride;
You’re a lost Son, run far away from Your Father
Your true home’s much nearer
When you choose not to hide.

Steve Layfield 

Tune = Desperado by the Eagles!

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