Quill and writing

A Short Commentary on the Book of Revelation

I’ve penned this document intermittently over the past couple of years.

Revelation Scribblings

It is by no means an attempt at an authoritative interpretation; rather it represents the fruit of my own thinking & reflections at this stage in my life & the history of redemption.  I am a committed ‘Postmillenialist.’  Doug Wilson has just released his own preteristic (partial at least) interpretation of Revelation.  See here.  He identifies the kernel of its meaning & signification with the Fall of Jerusalem in AD70.  I have a lot of time for that view but dare to believe that God has so ordered history that the same existential threats and troubles which beset the kingdom of God in the first century prevail down through time & merely metamorphose into alternative ‘equivalent’ manifestations.

What is most striking to me at this stage of earth history is the imminent prospect of Christ raising up a vast army of woken-up Christians while simultaneously the formal visible ‘Christian churches’ fall deeper and deeper into pietistic retreatism & apostasy, etc.  This warning is clear enough in the of the closing chapters!  May God spare us from succumbing to the temptation to receive the ‘mark of the beast!’

Steve Layfield – August 2019