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Thoughts on Kinism

This piece I wrote after meeting with a young man and his wife who have endeared themselves to us. Joshua will presently disagree with my argument here but possesses a very fine spirit. Moreover, he’s young and very courageous!

The spirit of ‘political globalism’ much associated with ultra left wing progressivism has no place within the hearts & minds of those of us seeking to resist the woke agenda of identity politics, etc. But, I confess that reflecting on the actual Biblical paradigm of prospective earth history has made me wonder whether God’s present work of ‘shaking the nations’ will yield a blessed serendipity in the shape of beautiful new cultures from offspring born godly parents from diverse ‘ethnic’ backgrounds!

For those wanting a more robust refutation of the pseudo-theology underpinning ‘Kinism’ see this article by Dr Brian Schwertly.