Psalter manuscript

Daniel 4 – Bless the Lord Most High


Bless the Lord most high whose kingdom, by and by, will surely last forever!
Earth’s inhabitants, within His hands, are feeble as a feather!
His dominion now extends
To the earth’s most distant ends
Holy providence rules every nation;
None can stay His mighty power
He is wielding every hour
Accomplishing through judgements our redemption.
None may to Him say, “Lord,
What is this You’re doing?”

Nebuchadnezzar, for his pleasure, resting in his palace bed lay dreaming
Troubled visions in his head he saw there which began more to concern him;
By his solemn sworn decree
Sages came on bended knee
Silence was the fruit of all their scheming;
None among his confidents
Could lay bare quite what it meant
Daniel alone perceived its meaning!
“O king, that mighty tree
Signifies what soon shall be!”

In the dream its mighty beams and fruitful boughs with suddenness were severed.
Birds and beasts beat their retreats, for seven years the humbled stump was weathered.
Feeding on the grass of earth
There he thought about his worth
Wetted with the pleasant dew of heaven
Sentenced by divine decree
Humbled he began to see
God alone determines man’s possession:
He reigns over all things
He is King of all kings!


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