Psalter manuscript

The Coming King & His Kingdom (Zechariah 9-10)


Rejoice greatly O daughter of Zion
Shout O daughter of Jerusalem;
Behold with justice God’s wondrous salvation
Behold the coming of Jesus your king!
Lowly the foal of a donkey
Bore up the Lord of all time;
All horses and bows of the enemy
He’s cut off within both Ephraim and Jerusalem!

His peace flows to the kings of all nations
He shall rule every island and sea;
From source of stream to the mouth of all rivers
Captives in hollows at last shall be free.
Even today he has promised
Doubly our joy to restore:
Both Ephraim and Judah are bow-strings bent
Arrayed at the soldiers of Greece with warning of war!

The truth thund’ring as arrows of lightning,
Blast of trumpets will hallow his word;
The Lord with power shall surely defend us
Just as a mighty man wielding his sword.
We shall devour with mere sling stones
Filling up basins with blood;
The Shepherd, our Saviour, will lead His flock
Who just like jewels will shine – a crown on His head.

Raise up over all nations His banner,
Celebrate all that’s lovely and true;
How great the goodness He’s lavished upon us
Heavenly beauty in all that we do.
Women will savour of new wine,
Young men will thrive upon grain.
Each summer the showers will drip from clouds
Grass in the fields for all – with rain upon rain!

Steve Layfield – June 2021

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