Psalter manuscript

The Parable of the Sower (Matt 13)


Sometimes what we read we hear
Not comprehending what God’s saying
Sometimes, when the truth is clear,
You don’t want to hear it right
For darkness disdains the light

Sometimes in the field good seed
Falls under footprints on the wayside
There the hungry ravens feed
Under the mid-day sun
Soon all the seed is gone

Have you imbibed God’s holy Word?
Is its meaning in your mind?
Are Scripture readings read unheard?
Are you wilfully deaf and blind?

Seed that fell upon the thorns
Bereft of life is doomed to wither
Seed which fell upon the stones
Has no time to for roots to grow
No time to for shoots to show

Few seeds from the sowers hand
Produce a harvest in the summer –
Just a few seeds God commands
Unseen by human eye
Magically multiply!

Have you imbibed God’s holy Word?
Is its meaning in your mind?
Do Scripture readings seem absurd?
Do you never glory find?

If we will not understand
Maybe the demons have been scheming
If we stall to comprehend
The witness of sacred truth
To old age from days of youth

If our eyes and ears are closed
To what God speaks to us in Scripture
If we’re otherwise disposed
To fritter our time away
And live every day for play…

Have you imbibed God’s holy Word?
Do its precepts clothe your mind?
Is Scripture preached to you unheard?
Why be renegade, lost and blind?

Steve Layfield Jan 2022


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