Psalter manuscript

Proverbs 4 – Get Wisdom!


Do you really know what you think you know?
Or are you just following sheep?
Have you forsaken God’s holy law?
Have you drifted into sleep?
Has your heart retained your Father’s word?
Are you keeping His commands?
Has heaven’s wisdom graced your mind?
Do you truly understand?

If you wisdom get she will keep you safe
Every night and every day;
If you lift her up she will guide your feet
Pouring goodness on your way.
Grace and glory are within her hold
A crown of honour too;
If you embrace her with humility
God will bless the things you do!

Turn my footsteps, Lord, aside from all vanity and pride
Keep temptation from my eyes
May I always be alert, straight ahead maintain my stride,
Holy Spirit make me wise!

I am pressing on seeking heaven’s light
Oft’ it seems I’ve just begun;
Shadows flee before penetrating rays –
Ever brighter shines the sun.
Each word God speaks I take to heart
And keep before my gaze;
Abundant life they pledge to me
Throughout these pilgrim days.

Steve Layfield – January 2022

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