Psalter manuscript

Fear the Lord in Sincerity & Truth


(Josh 24:14-15;21-24; Jn 10:16; Eph 1:3; 2Cor 5:20; Matt 13:33; Hab 2:14)

Fear the Lord; in sincerity and truth go serve Him
Cast those gods aside your fathers used to spurn Him
And if it evil seems to bow down and esteem
The One who purchased for the world redemption
For all my house this day there is no other way
To honour Him as Lord of every nation

Choose yourself today, whose is the Name you’ll hallow?
Choose without delay, which shepherd’s voice you’ll follow!
But all my family declare that we shall be
Ambassadors of Christ’s redemption story
As servants of the King, we’ll rule and reign with Him
Until this Earth He made is filled with glory!

Fear the Lord; in sincerity and truth let’s serve Him
To His Word, every precept from His mouth, we will listen
This witness we declare with others we will share
And turn from every idol under heaven;
We’ll consecrate our ways throughout all future days
And pray His kingdom grows like unseen leaven

Fear the Lord; in sincerity and truth let’s serve Him!

Steve Layfield – April 2022

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