Quill and writing

Behold Lady Justice

Behold Lady Justice’s form
Let each detail enrapture your eyes
Profound mystery is displayed here to see
With the promise to make you more wise [Phil 4:8]

Personified beauty she bears
With loveliness under her gown
Seraphic her face, filled up with God’s grace
From the soul of her foot to her crown [Prov 8]

Chained scales she holds forth in her hand
As judgement according to truth
When exercised right we’ll walk in her light
If we for her yearn in our youth [Lev 19:15; Rom 2:11]

The goal of our temporal lives
In all that before her we do
Is humbly to learn and wisely discern
All that’s beautiful holy and true [Ps 1:2]

The sword pointing down to the ground
With edges well sharpened and straight
She wields in her hands in all civilised lands
With strength as the Lord’s magistrate [Rom 13:3,4]

Thick blindfold obscuring her eyes
Surrounding the locks of her hair
Connotes she decides without pity or bribes
Being wholly consistent and fair [Deut 16:19]

The serpent subverting her ways
She crushes completely on head
It’s certain in time she’ll vanquish all crime
For fierce is the force of her tread [Rom 16:20]

The ground of her confident stand
Is scripture from heaven revealed
Her every thought starts in the seat of her heart
Where God’s holy law is concealed [Ps 119:11; 2Cor 10:4-6]

Earth’s coastlands still eagerly wait
As residents poised at the door
Christ’s kingdom shall dawn like the sunlight each morn
By the precepts and truth of God’s law [Is 42:4; Prov 4:18]

With resolve and great strength in her hands
She bears every trouble and blast
The beams of her countenance bristle with confidence
Sin will be shattered at last [Heb 12:2,3]

The glorious saints of Christ’s reign
Advance while promoting her ways
By Spirit and prayer they sing everywhere
Great anthems of heavenly praise [Ps 16:3; 57:8; Eph 5:19-21]

A smoldering flax she’ll not quench
Nor ever a bruised reed she’ll break
Her voice may be heard ‘neath the chirp of a bird
Where the fear of the Lord makes men quake [Is 42;3; Is 66:2]