Stained-glass windows

Behold Lady Justice

Behold Lady Justice’s formLet each detail enrapture your eyesProfound mystery is displayed here to seeWith the promise to make you more wise [Phil 4:8] Personified beauty she bearsWith loveliness under her gownSeraphic her face, filled up with God’s graceFrom the soul of her foot to her crown [Prov 8] Chained scales she holds forth in […]

Where To Stand (A lament for Christ’s Church)

I hear the summons of His voiceAbove the clamour of your crowdsIts signal penetrates the noiseLike rays of sunshine through the clouds Comprising many Scripture wordsIt beckons me to stand apartIts message like the dawning birdsConstrains the sinews of my heart They cannot for the trees see woodThe light within their eye’s grown dimTheir weekly […]

John 2:1-10 > Wedding Feast at Cana

Galilee was bustling with feasting for a weddingJesus’ friends and family together made the journeyOthers drawn from far away and nearWere gladly celebrating thereGreat jubilation all felt keenlyThe room was filled with joyTheir convocation passed serenely Somewhere in that moment from nowhere loomed a crisisMaking one and all there suddenly feel nervousSo Mary ran to […]

The contemporary Church is A – Antinomian

Once again, this is a generalisation but any casual acquaintance with the Church’s teaching and popular ministry will readily confirm this judgment.  Antinomianism means against Law.  Contemporary churches shun greatly that form of Christianity that draws attention to rules, precepts and commandments.  In recent years I’ve heard a local Church leader say, “Christianity is not […]

The contemporary Church is B – Baptistic

Authentic religion manifests as a comprehensive way of life.  Every thought, stimulating every practical expression of life in sacrificial service of our king, must be brought into conscious subjection to Jesus Christ.  Thus, Paul affirms, “For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh. For the weapons of our […]

The Contemporary Church is C – Church Centred

Of all the errors modern evangelicals indulge this is the subtlest.  Word associations often expose the contours of our thinking.  For example: ‘fish’… think chips; ‘salt’… think pepper; ‘bread’… think butter, etc.  For most Christians ‘Christianity’ evokes the concept of ‘Church’.  I’ve noticed that conversations between newly acquainted Christians quickly focuses on their respective Churches […]

The contemporary Church is D – Divided

This indictment requires some careful thought.  Let me explain.  For about a thousand years, until the Great Schism – 1054AD, the Church was formally united notwithstanding many controversies/heresies which arose (e.g. Donatism, Pelagianism, Gnosticism, Nestorianism & Marcionism, to name but a few).  Those controversies were recognised as an attack on the Church’s unity and so […]

The Contemporary Church is E – Escapist

As in water face reflects face, so a man’s heart reveals the man (Pr 27:19) At the time of writing, we have just lived through three years of global tyranny which has laid bare deep-rooted corruption in most/all branches of the ‘establishment.’  Alas, the propaganda and lies of Big Gov’t and mainstream media during the […]

The contemporary Church is Feelings-Focused

By this I mean its orientation is constrained primarily by feelings rather than by obedience to God’s Word.  We are, of course, constitutionally created with emotional faculties.  It is right and proper that our affections are exercised devotionally.  The eighteenth-century theologian of revival Jonathan Edwards composed an epic dissertation proving extensively that true religion stirs […]

The Contemporary Church is Gnostic

This complaint is metaphysical not epistemological.  Ancient Gnosticsran with at least two emphases: first, that the material aspect of creation is spiritually subordinate to the invisible, non-tangible elements; second, that secret knowledge is to be acquired in order to properly comprehend ‘spiritual matters.’ My concern here is with the former – i.e., that spiritual mastery […]