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HT&L Service Sheet – 30th January 2022

HT&L Service Sheet – October 24th 2021

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Covid Cures in 2 Chronicles

I thought to survey this slightly obscure OT Book in order to trace out principles for advancing the cause of Christ’s kingdom and especially the recovery of the Christian Church, etc. I’ll say more by way of introduction later. Here goes.

A Humble Plea to the Sleeping Bride

I recently discovered this piece which I wrote 5 years ago (or so). I find myself reading through Numbers, Deuteronomy & Joshua again as the year 2021 runs its course. Again my thoughts are governed by this framework which I’ve had in place in my thinking now for years. I’d like to supplement my comments […]

Coronavirus & Christ

This unseen blight sent down from higher realmTo test the constitution of mankindHas countless feeble-minded overwhelmedEnsnaring them like sheep both lost and blind. For God has demonstrated in His wordThat He is sovereign in this universe;Those sheep their Master’s voice have rarely heard And so remain fast bound beneath God’s curse. Yet other sheep have […]

Lockdownism & The Church

Once again I find myself here expressing appreciation for the analysis & careful research of Dr Joe Boot. A PPT (I crafted) of his article is available here.These are harrowing times & it’s noticeable just how unprepared the western Church has been to confront the ‘pandemic’. Joe Boot puts his finger on the underlying weakness […]

Thoughts on Kinism

This piece I wrote after meeting with a young man and his wife who have endeared themselves to us. Joshua will presently disagree with my argument here but possesses a very fine spirit. Moreover, he’s young and very courageous! The spirit of ‘political globalism’ much associated with ultra left wing progressivism has no place within […]

An Indictment against the Contemporary Evangelical & Reformed Churches

Notwithstanding much time and effort made over decades, Theonomists have failed to adjust the thinking of their brethren within the mainstream evangelical constituency.  They have generally rather, been scorned for having sought to ‘rock the boat’ and to ‘introduce disquiet’ into the various flocks. The time has come for a reluctant but necessary indictment of […]

That Pesky Reconstructionist

That pesky reconstructionist is quite a trial to me He sees within the Bible many things that I don’t see; He notices the slightest thing my Pastor overlooks And treasures like an antique vase his North and Bahnsen books. That pesky reconstructionist is getting on my nerves Too easily he spurns the idols modern Christians […]

Dr Joe Boot – Transforming Culture

This message posted recently Dr Joe Boot of the Ezra Institute helpfully unpacks the ache in my soul.  It is bewildering how plain and clear the New Testament actually is regarding the Mission of the Church when Dr Boot lays it out in this way.  It continues to amaze me that so many earnest Christians […]