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Ephesians 2:11-18 > He is our Peace

Once we were outsiders of God’s commonwealth Strangers from the covenants of hope; Uncircumcised by those called circumcised, Christless on a downward facing slope, Would our separation last eternally? Would the wall between be broken down? Could Jesus overcome such enmity Making us good subjects of His crown? He is our peace! (O what peace!) […]

Ephesians 2:1-6 > When I was Dead as Stone

When I was dead as stone in trespasses and sin, A rebel in the way I walked; Pursuing selfishness according to this world, Corrupted in the way I talked; He made me hear His mighty voice And I became alive! Amidst confusion and great noise He made me realise! When I was foolish in the […]

Ephesians 1:3-10 > Who am I?

Who am I? I’m a saint of God the Son Looking out for the kingdom that’s to come; For His purpose and good pleasure I’ve been summoned by His grace With a pledge made sure before the world began. Who is He that has blessed me from above? Who is He that’s redeemed me by […]

Romans 8: 29-39 > Foreknown & Predestined

Foreknown and predestined, We’re heavenly brethren Bearing the likeness Of Jesus the Son! Sanctified freely, Appointed for glory, Decreed from the start To be close to God’s heart In the kingdom to come! Decreed from the start To be close to God’s heart In the kingdom to come! Wherefore as we journey, When infidels gainsay, The Lord will defend […]

Luke 1:46-55 > The Song of Mary (Magnificat)

Tune = O Waly Waly (trad’) My soul exalts the Lord on high For He my heart contrite has seen, Henceforth in each discerning eye My lowly life will be esteemed. The Lord in whom I now rejoice Has mighty deeds conferred on me, Thus for His cause my trembling voice Will furnish songs of […]

2Corinthians 6:1-10 > Royal Heirs of Everything

We, as heirs and servants of the King of kings Set before your face this plea: ‘Now’s the time to cease from your faltering And receive God’s grace most free’; As the ancient seer in terms most clear Foretold and prophesied, ‘All the world must for the cause of Christ Where they stand today decide!’ […]

Mark 12:1-12 > The Rejected Stone

A man once built a vineyard With a wall secure around Where a wine-press daily serviced Precious fruit from out the ground. That man moved on and, being gone, Drew up a simple plan: “I will rest a while and lease the land Then see how it has done”. The stone that we rejected And […]

Romans 7 – Who’ll Deliver Me?

What can I say? Is there a way to overcome my sin? Am I to end these days condemned for war beneath my skin? Is there relief from Eden’s grief and trials with my twin? O merciful Father most wise Nothing hides from the gaze of your eyes Are you deaf to the call of […]

Hebrews 11 > Faith’s Perspective

Faith is certainty of hope we yet don’t see … Patriarchs were for it blessed; Guided by God’s hand safely into Canaan Noble saints found promised rest Within a land they called their home Set apart by heaven’s throne! By such faith we strive, enemies we vanquish, Christ alone is all we plead; Drawn ahead […]

John 1:1-13 > The Prologue

In the beginning was the Word with God in holy union Before the foundation of the world – God the Father with the Son; All we can conceive was made by His hand And nothing seen or unseen was apart from Him planned! In Him alone there was life – a life which was the […]