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Ruth’s Resolution (Ch 1:16-17)

Do not press me, O my friend,Do not try to change my mind,Where you walk I’ll follow steadfast in my stride;To the left or to the right,I will keep you in my sight,Where you lodge every day I will reside. Your people will be my people!Your God will be my God! When you breathe your […]

Song of Moses & Miriam (Exodus 15 & 16)

Sing to the Lord, sing stronger and louderFor He has triumphed gloriously!Chariot and soldier; horse and its riderHe with fierce anger cast in the sea! God is my strength and my song, He’s become my salvationHe is my God, I will praise and exalt Him always;He’s a man of war wielding His sword subduing all […]

Micah’s Meditation (Micah 4:4,5)

for John-Michael Many people walk life’s journey throughInvoking pagan lordsEvery thought we think, each deed we doSilently accordsWith the will divine whose hand we holdWhose Name we stand before;Let us not be faint, we will be secureIn His keeping evermore! In time to come we’ll fold our arms‘Neath trees at close of daySeated peaceably with […]

Proverbs 4 – Get Wisdom!

Do you really know what you think you know?Or are you just following sheep?Have you forsaken God’s holy law?Have you drifted into sleep?Has your heart retained your Father’s word?Are you keeping His commands?Has heaven’s wisdom graced your mind?Do you truly understand? If you wisdom get she will keep you safeEvery night and every day;If you […]

If The People of My Name (2Chronicles 7v14)

I wrote this short ‘chorus’ recently after joining with several other fellow saints for a conference on ‘Rebuilding the Ruins’ of our Christian heritage. Nearly a hundred Christians over the past few months have joined our ‘Christian Antilockdown’ Telegram Group – Hope, Truth & Light. We are believers from all over the UK who are […]

The Coming King & His Kingdom (Zechariah 9-10)

Rejoice greatly O daughter of ZionShout O daughter of Jerusalem;Behold with justice God’s wondrous salvationBehold the coming of Jesus your king!Lowly the foal of a donkeyBore up the Lord of all time;All horses and bows of the enemyHe’s cut off within both Ephraim and Jerusalem! His peace flows to the kings of all nationsHe shall […]

Song of Deborah – Judges Ch 5

Chorus: When leaders fearlessly lead, long-haired, in IsraelWhen people cheerfully yield themselves in war as wellThere is the Church at its best,Trembling of earth turns to restAnd Jesu, Jehovah, the Lord God of heaven is blessed! (men) Give ear O princes and kings of the nationsThe mountains resound with God’s praiseRainfall like fountains from Edom […]

Psalm 119 vs 9-16 (‘Beth’)

How Can a Man Cleanse His Way?Tune = Blowin’ in the Wind – Dylan How can a man in the days of his youthThink, talk and walk in his way –Mindful of Christ and the Scriptures of truth,Buoyant with integrity?Yes and what can be hoped for his conscience to sootheWhen guiltiness draws him astray?The answer […]

The Song of Moses (Exodus 15)

I’ll sing to Jehovah my sovereign ProviderWhose triumph and power He gloriouslyDisplayed when He cast both the horse and its riderIn violent judgement deep under the sea.The Lord is my strength and my songAlone He is God, I will praise Him!Salvation to me He’s becomeMay families united exalt Him! A fierce man of war is […]

Daniel 4 – Bless the Lord Most High

Bless the Lord most high whose kingdom, by and by, will surely last forever!Earth’s inhabitants, within His hands, are feeble as a feather!His dominion now extendsTo the earth’s most distant endsHoly providence rules every nation;None can stay His mighty powerHe is wielding every hourAccomplishing through judgements our redemption.None may to Him say, “Lord,What is this […]