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Psalm 41: Blessed is the man

Blessed is the man who considers the land Where the poor of his people consume only bowls full of sorrow; The Lord will preserve him, sustain and relieve him though Fierce be the heat in the toil of his struggle tomorrow. And he will be blessed and his soul shall find rest In the face […]

Psalm 40: When deep in miry clay

When deep in miry clay I cried to God on high Who heard my voice and set my feet on ground secure and dry; Establishing my course, He gave me songs of praise, That all the world might learn to fear and glory in His ways. The handiwork of God is altogether good, Such wonders […]

Psalm 39: With soul concern I’ve learnt

With soul concern I’ve learnt to hesitate and contemplate Before I open up my mouth and something say; A muzzled beast, I’ve ceased from idle talking in the street – I hold my peace or turn and quickly walk away. But there are times when in my heart deep sorrow Is overwhelmed by fire and I am stirred By God, in […]

Psalm 38: As You chasten me

As You chasten me restrain the fierceness of Your frown; Lord Your arrows wound me deeply, pressing on me down. Stood before Your holy anger nothing good I find Dwells within this carnal body nor my rebel mind. Like a heavy burden, my iniquities subdue All that in my heart resembles God’s own image true; […]

Psalm 37: Don’t worry when evil men pursue

Don’t worry when evil men pursue Profound iniquity, Like beautiful grass they’re destined to Wither and fade away. Just follow the Lord, believing His word, Determined to do what’s right; Delight in His way and trust in His Name And you will be radiant light, And you will be radiant light. Consider the foolish things […]

Psalm 36: Behold the wicked in their way

Behold the wicked in their way – No fear before their eyes – Who scorn and flatter every day And trade in cruel lies; They, treasuring each secret sin, Together are most unwise! Throughout the watches of the night He purposes deceit; Rejecting all that’s good and right He plans his friend’s defeat. Iniquity, defiantly, […]

Psalm 35: Who is like the Lord?

‘Who is like the Lord?’ Let all His noble saints be heard; For soon the poor He’ll sanctify and set at liberty. Then we who in Christ abide, with hearts fulfilled and satisfied, Will hear God’s name be magnified in praise triumphantly! Strive, O Lord, with those who strive with me; Punish the oppressor who […]

Psalm 34: I will bless the Lord each moment

I will bless the Lord each moment, Every day He sends to me. All the humble, as they listen, Will rejoice exceedingly. Sing and shout then altogether, Celebrate in song with me, You whose faces now are shining After fleeing to Him weeping, Bearing joy abundantly! As I sleep before His presence, Angel eyes watch […]

Psalm 33: Rejoice you saints, rejoice in God

Rejoice you saints, rejoice in God; Such praise is beautiful and right. Make melody with harp, drum and horn – Play skilfully; play with delight. His mighty works betray His truth; We comprehend them by His word. Open our eyes that we might see The tender kindness of the Lord. All things within this universe […]

Psalm 32: The blessing of forgiveness

How blessed are they whose lives display The joy of pardoned sin, For whom beguiling self-deceit No longer reigns within; Who, when the solemn hand of God Upon them heavy lay, Confessed their rebel foolishness And from it turned away. The righteous humbly call upon The Lord in earnest prayer And find His help and […]