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Psalm 31: In You, O Lord, I put my trust

In You, O Lord, I put my trust, Don’t let me be ashamed; Deliver me in Your righteousness, And magnify Your Name. You are my fortress and my rock When troubled times appear; From unseen heights You hear my cry And turn to me Your ear. The path before my feet is laid With hidden […]

Psalm 30: I’ll worship You, O Lord

I’ll worship You, O Lord, For You have heard my cry; My strength You have restored And raised my feet up high; Disdainful enemies No longer pass me by. You saved my life from death And from the grave me raised; Now with my every breath I’ll glory in Your ways, Extolling with Your saints, […]

Psalm 29: Give to the Lord, you mighty saints

Give to the Lord you mighty saints who know Him, Give unto Him great glory as you fight; For He alone is worthy of great honour And must be duly hallowed in your sight. The voice of God commands the mighty waters, His every word is clothed in majesty; Tearing apart a forest full of […]

Psalm 28: Unto You, O Lord, my Rock I call

Unto You, O Lord, my Rock I call, Don’t be silent to my cry; If the words I set before Your throne Be unheard I’d rather die! Hear my humble cry for mercy See these hands before Your face; Living God of all the universe Send Your mercy to this place. Holy Master don’t abandon […]

Psalm 27: God, my salvation and light

God, my salvation and light Holds me secure in His hand, He is the strength of my life as I fight With those who against me stand. Though a great army confronts me Fearless, my heart shall upon Him depend Fearless, my heart shall upon Him depend! Daily the Lord I will seek Drawn by […]

Psalm 26: Vindicate me Lord

Vindicate me Lord For Your holy word I have set before my pathway As a safeguard when my feet stray; Surely You can see My integrity! Keep my mind and heart Wholly set apart, Looking to Your loving kindness, Shunning every deed of darkness, Till from foolish pride, I am sanctified! Help me testify To […]

Psalm 25: In You, God on high, my soul seeks security

In You, God on high, my soul seeks security; Confound, O Lord I pray, the plans of my enemy; Let those be ashamed who perpetrate treachery; Remember, gracious Lord, Your mercy to me! Reveal Your good ways to those whose integrity Directs their feet in truth to walk in simplicity; Furnish this my heart with […]

Psalm 24: Lift your heads, O you gates

Lift your heads, O you gates, Be raised up, as you wait; Everlasting doors open wide your courts, Let your roars of triumph ring. And the Lord, King of kings, Strong in might, shall come in Gloriously robed, enemies deposed – Your majestic King! All the earth, each territory, is the Lord’s by right; Every […]

Psalm 23: Jehovah is my Shepherd

Jehovah is my shepherd, There is nothing more I need; Over mountain streams He leads me To green pastures where I feed. He, from all my soul’s distress, Guides my feet in righteousness. Though my path be through the valley With death’s shadow over me, I am confident no evil Will destroy me suddenly; For […]

Psalm 22: My God, my God

My God, my God why have You left me standing here alone? So far away You cannot hear these whispers of my groan, The words of my complaint don’t even penetrate the sky; O Lord, why do You disregard my cry? Enthroned within a symphony of lofty songs of praise You are the One our […]