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Psalm 72: Give to the King Your judgments

Give to the King Your judgments, Your blessing to his Son, Whose kingdom, in the nations, By His decree must come. Behold, all hills and mountains Will bring to Him their peace; The justice of His mighty power Shall soon oppression cease! Whilst sun and moon in tandem Shine brightly in the sky, His saints […]

Psalm 71: In You, O Lord, I put my trust

In You, O Lord, I put my trust, deliver me from shame, According to Your righteousness my feeble heart sustain; You are my rock and fortress in every troubled hour, Uphold me so continuously that all perceive Your power. The wicked prowl before my path, the cruel stand behind, But God has been my heart’s […]

Psalm 70: Make haste, O God, make haste

Make haste, O God, make haste, come down, sustain and strengthen me, Make haste, for voices in Your church restrict Christ’s victory; Let them be filled with shame, Who carelessly proclaim That Scripture truth is not the ground of Maths or History. Let they who criticise my life and court with compromise, Who substitute the […]

Psalm 69: Rescue me, O Lord

Rescue me, O Lord, Evermore me keep; Hold my hand and lift my feet Up from this miry deep. Eagerly I wait, Hearken to my cry; Both my eyes are filled with tears, My mouth and tongue are dry. See how I am hated without cause, Hear their charge of hostile attitude; Those who’d overthrow […]

Psalm 68: Let God Arise

Let God arise, Let His enemies be scattered; Let all those who despise His ways, before Him, flee away. As wax before great heat, Melt them Lord in their retreat; Make the wicked groan before Your throne Like smoke dust blown away. Christian rejoice, Stand before your God with gladness; Make a joyful noise, Lift […]

Psalm 67: God of all the earth shine forth

God of all the earth shine forth Your light upon us Magnify Your truth, equip us and teach us Evil take away, come shepherd and lead us Recommend Your way to peoples far from us Let them see each day Your bright kingdom coming! Open every eye, constrain men to obey You Furnish sea and […]

Psalm 66: Joyfully shout to the Lord, all you nations

Joyfully shout to the Lord, all you nations, Glory and honour belong to His name; Great are His works and majestic His power, Let every tribe and tongue in concert proclaim. Soon all the proud will be humbled before Him, Then all the earth will in unity sing, ‘Come, see the works of His hands […]

Psalm 65: Praise awaits our God in Zion

Praise awaits our God in Zion There the vow shall be performed; Though iniquity is raging Rebel hearts shall be transformed. Ransom payment was supplied When the Christ was crucified! Blessed is every man God chooses, Satisfaction he shall find; Choicest treasures in His temple Will enthral his heart and mind. By great works of […]

Psalm 64: The work of God advances

The work of God advances – everywhere His providence my eye perceives; Secure within His Hands, I’ve come to understand what rebel man believes. Look out! For they are hiding, never forthright nor abiding in His word; Those workers of iniquity shun clarity and cannot be deterred; Their tongues are sharpened implements of war, Whose […]

Psalm 63: O God, You are my God

O God, You are my God, Early will I seek for You; Both my body and soul With unquenched thirst cry out to You, But barren is this land; Its watercourses dry, So I have sought for You Within the sanctuary. I see glory and power So I offer praise to You; More than riches […]